Export of firewood and kindling from Belarus

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firewood for sale in crates

How did we become a wholesale supplier of firewood?

Our production is located in Belarus, near Minsk and have been providing wood for export customers for over 3 years. We started selling wood out of our backyard to local customers. We provide our customers with full truckloads of quality hardwood and softwood logs and can supply our products in crates, bulk bags or in nets. All wood is processed here at our location whether it be splitting, cutting, drying, or loading. Currently we offer a different variety of woods: alder, birch, oak, hornbeam and pine.
We are already suppliers of firewood and kindling to such countries: France, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel.
We offer wholesale buyers various types of wood that can be delivered to or anywhere in the world. Please contact us!

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Chipped firewood differs in calorific value, humidity and burning rate depending on the type of wood. The most calorific, emitting the greatest amount of heat, are considered deciduous - birch, alder, ash, hornbeam, oak. The cost is higher for them, however, due to their high efficiency, they are the most popular. At will, you can get raw, seasoned and kiln dried firewood, packed in crates, bags and other types of packaging convenient for you. We also offer a kindling in nets. For commercial proposal or a price list for our products, please contact us.

Dry Firewood in Crates for sale

Firewood in Crates

  • Type of wood: birch, alder, ash, hornbeam, oak
  • Length: 25-50cm
  • Moisture content: raw, seasoned, kiln dried
  • Volume: 1m3 | 1,8m3 | 2 m3
  • Packing: Crate
  • Transportation options: Container or truck
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export Firewood 40l Bags

Kiln dried firewood in Nets

  • Type of wood: birch, alder, ash, hornbeam, oak
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Moisture content: 10-18%
  • Bag size: 40cm x 60cm
  • Weight of a bag: 8-12 kg
  • Transportation options: Container or truck
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Kindling Sticks export

Kindling in Nets

  • Type of wood: Hard wood and Soft wood
  • Packaging size: 40L net bags
  • Log length: 12,5 - 20 cm
  • Weight of the crate: 500-650 kg
  • Humidity: 12-15%
  • Transportation options: Container or truck
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charcoal export


  • Type of wood: Hard wood
  • Charcoal quality: Restaurant grade charcoal
  • Burning time: 2.5 - 4 hours
  • Moisture content: 6%
  • Packing: Big bag, Foam bag, Kraft bag
  • Transportation options: Container or truck
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Usually we use several standard cell sizes for firewood and kindling. For example, for a 2RM crate - 1×1×2m and 1×1.05×1.91m (ideal for a sea container). If you need other sizes, we will manufacture them. We are always ready for dialogue.

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Need Help? Reach us at fuelwood.by@gmail.com or Whatsapp

firewood for sale in crates
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kiln dried firewood for sale
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We supply firewood and kindling to any country in the world

We already work with countries such as: France, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Israel. And have established themselves as a reliable and decent export supplier of wood fuel. Interested in increasing exports to EU countries and the world. We offer flexible terms of cooperation and convenient delivery schemes. Deliveries of products are carried out from warehouses in the Republic of Belarus. As a rule, shipment for export of wood fuel is carried out on the terms of FCA - Republic of Belarus. (Incoterms 2010).
If necessary, we are ready to work on the terms of DAP - Delivered at place. We ship goods both in trucks, sea containers, and by rail.